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XiLong is a cooperation dedicated to providing bottle customization service for glass bottle, glass jar and other glass products since its inception in 1991. Basing on the advanced glass blowing technique, we are able to provide you personalized bottles that will exactly meet your demands. The glass bottles we made have found large popularity among liquor, wine, beverage, food, and many other industries.

The glass bottles we are able to customize vary in volumes from 15ml to 3000ml. Different colors like white, brown, green and blue are prepared. They are mainly applied in the unique glass packaging solutions for liquor, wine, beer, food, medicine, and cosmetics industries, etc. In XiLong, you will come to enjoy a whole set of customized bottle designing service from bottle designing, mold making, sample manufacturing, large-quantity producing, deep processing, packaging, to product delivery, among which the deep processing step incorporates labeling printing, painting, bottle decorating, frosting, engraving, and plating.

XiLong has established a large manufacturing area spanning 180 thousand m². We own over 300 staff members and 35 professional technicians. Supported by 6 large furnaces and 14 production lines, every year we produce 15 billion glass bottles and jars, which are mainly delivered to North America, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, and Russia. Now the number of our clients in the United States is increasing at a rate of 12% per year. Besides, XiLong has passed ISO9001: 2008.


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